Guy’s Review of Right Guard Deodorant Ends Unexpectedly


This is GOLD

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Looking through my tumblr and realizing I made a post about him before I even started talking to him makes me so unbelievably happy.

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"It’s like coming home after a long trip. That’s what love is like. It’s like coming home."

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"I will be your
7 AM sleepy kisses
8 AM French toast
9 AM rushed goodbyes
10 AM love calls
11 AM daydreams
12 PM lunch notes
1 PM new email
2 PM coffee break texts
3 PM reminiscent thoughts
4 PM longing
5 PM drained love
6 PM post-work hugs
7 PM dinner companion
8 PM wine bottle
9 PM tango
10 PM readying for bed
11 PM bedtime stories
12 PM Midnight Sonata
1 AM confessions
2 AM heavy snores
3 AM morning sex
4 AM driftless sleep
5 AM frenzied fantasies
6 AM rapturous sleep
I will be your

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It amazes me to think that maybe there actually are people out there that were made to be a part of your life. How you can meet someone and then realize that there was always something missing before them, that you weren’t a whole. Some people naturally complete who you are and who you want to be as a person. Maybe there is such thing as soul mates and maybe everyone has different types of soul mates, say everyone has a best friend soulmate and everyone has a sibling-like soulmate, and of course everyone has a lover soul mate who is all the other kinds of soul mates combined. Maybe I’m just love-struck by the fact of finding someone so easy for me to love, or maybe I’m just trying to be optimistic because I have to wait for this distance to be lifted between us again in order to feel whole again and I just don’t know what else to do with the distance that is time rather than miles.

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"Nothing in the world smells as good as the person you love."

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder

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"every time you hurt me I apologized because I felt guilty for making you feel bad"

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Holy shit I could not relate to this more

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I didn’t believe in love at first site until you

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stay classy.